A traveler. A photographer. A diver. A hiker. An adventurer. A Wanderer.

Wandering, to me, is the act of letting go. Free to explore new places, experience new things. To wonder if Heaven is just over the horizon. Often, even if for just an instant, it is.

Through my lens I hope to catch that fraction of freedom, of that singular image of enchanted paradise that my tired feet managed to lead me to. It is here, with tired feet and a sore body, that I realize that it is not the trail behind me, or the horizon ahead of me, but the peace within me that I set out to find.

Through my photography I hope to inspire you to wander out in search of your own inner harmony as I have found: in the rustle of wind, crack of a fire, or blissful peace that is found just beyond the bend in the trail.

As a Philadelphia based photographer I set out to wander as often as I can. Between adventures I also enjoy portrait photography, capturing the glint of love in the eyes of a mother looking at her newborn, the smile on a daughter’s face when her father whispers a secret in her ear and the love seen between two newlyweds during their first dance.

All photographs on this website are available for purchase. Please contact me at riedeles@gmail.com if you wish to schedule a portrait session or hire me for an event.

May your search through nature lead you to yourself.